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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Moving, Moving, Moving

Well, I know that Grant felt that my last post was an April Fool's joke. That's understandable since, well, um, Grant really knows me and knows how adverse I am to being less than a hedonistic slug. The fact is, though, that the strangeness continues.

I love doing my swords class.

I love biking.

I now am dancing around to whatever song I hear, and leap up to do whatever I want to do around the house.

I love swimming.

So there you go. The other day, I flexed my muscles to the kids as a joke, and they screeched, "MOM! You have REAL MUSCLES!" Wow. Yeah, I do, and I never have. Interesting. My energy has increased, and my mood (which is typically pretty good) has improved even more.

Can I keep this up? I have no idea. But I DO know that right now, as it goes, I love reclaiming my body one pound at a time. I've stopped at 10 lbs lost for two weeks, but this is one of those moments when I realize that it's still weight lost...but it's weight converted from fat to muscle. I can kick your ass and your uncle's, too ;) I am having so much fun practicing my sword! What happened? My body is tighter, more skilled, more precise. I'm thrilled.

On another strange note, I realized this last week that I'm a great cook. Yeah, yeah, those of you who have eaten my food have likely never doubted this ;) It's a long story. It invoves my sister's input on my mom's cooking, others who have craved this or that which I've fixed or asked for my recipes. But the end result is, when my sister tossed at me a pile of asparagus and said, "Do something with this," I was able to instantly look at her refrigerator/pantry and throw together something off the cuff without any recipe that everybody loved. I can look at my own refrigerator/pantry and decide what I'm going to do, recipe or not. I guess I CAN cook. That is awesome.

And I've been writing again.

And Alex plus the kids are still totally awesome. YUSSSS!

The only downside lately is that my cat chewed through the wire for our keyboard, and we had to use a backup keyboard for this computer. Ok, that seriously sucked. But 20 bucks is the cost of that keyboard, and pets cost you money. Oh well. It happens. Do pets chew through wires??? I have never had a pet who liked to do that, nor petsitted for somebody who did. Wires? WHY?

Yup, other than that, life is good. Sure, we don't have enough money to jet off to France to see Alex's family, but how many familes would like to have the only problem being, "We can't just fly off to France this year!" Yeah. So, I'm ok with life right now. I'm better than ok. Life is excellent!


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Blogger Jadedprimadonna said...

Ohhhh, Firepaw, lol! He seemed so docile while I was visiting. Excuse me while I stop a faux-violent battle between two of mine... Cats! You should see the four-week old babies on our carport that we'll be giving away soon. We have two little orange tabbies... both males! But no worries! People always drop off more, so I'm sure when you get your house one day, I'll be able to locate all the orange male tabbies you want, lol!

10:30 AM  
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