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Monday, August 13, 2007

A Late Night Post

It's late, and I'm posting. Why? Well, Alex is talking to his brother James and the kids are in bed. In other words, I actually have a free moment.

We've had the extreme blessing of James visiting us these last two weeks. He leaves on Sunday. I can certainly say that I'll miss him when he goes. He's an easy houseguest, and the kids adore him. At first, Alex was finishing up his internship at Michelin, so I was in charge of entertainment. I took James here and there and cooked up a storm. Proudly, I can say that James announced that he wasn't sure he wanted to go to restaurants in America when I cooked better than most of them. Man, I swelled with pride over that one. He even said I cooked better than his father (who cooks for restaurants in France!). Since James is not prone to random flattery, I will hold his words to my heart and cherish them.

We've taken James all around the area (twin falls, Clemson University, shopping malls, you name it!). We've taken James to Gervais and Vine (and he agreed that it was actually a fantastic restaurant...wooohoo!). We've also subjected James to our Wii.

Now, for those of you non-geeks out there, let me explain: the Wii will suck you in. I'm sorry, but it's true. We took it to my brother's house, and he's NEVER touched a video game. When I was a child, he stared at my Atari and scoffed at it. He has not picked up a single video game that I have ever seen. But lo, he sure as hell played Wii Sports Baseball against Alex when we were last in Raleigh. WOW. My niece, Jill, who also never ever plays video games became obessed with Cooking Mama and the Wii Play/Wii Sports disks that we brought. This is truly the video game system that even snags the "bah, humbug, video games!" set. My back hurts from doing Wii boxing. Alex lathers up into a sweat every single day due to the Wii. I'm not surprised that I've heard incidents of it being used for physical therapy in old folks' homes and that folks use it for exercise. No other video game console makes you work for your fun this way! It's really a good thing we love it this much, though. We had to hunt a month for it before we snagged one. They're still in short supply, but I can highly recommend them if it's your bag. Or even if it's not.

What else is going on? Ariana has read through five books in three weeks, a new world record for her. These cat warrior books by Erin Hunter are totally sucking out her soul. I wonder if it's the topic...or if the reading bug has finally bitten her? Only time will tell. Jared lost his first tooth, and I think Amanda can testify that he looks amazingly cute with it gone. Alex is going through immigration hell right now. I thought it would be resolved by Sept, but now it looks like Oct. Foilwoman gave me some advice, and I'll see what I can apply to speed things up. Sigh. We have three months. Last Sat., his student visa expired as he graduated from USC. Then he gets three months here, and he must leave at that point back for France unless we've fixed the green card situation.

Mind you, we applied back in January.

And also mind you, the kids and I will be so very sad if this can't work out before he has to go back. I am an adult; I can handle it. However, the kids really can't have their main dad go away. I can only hope things work out before then.

What else? Well, I have two different lit classes for this fall! I will teach Brit Lit (very happy doing that...lots of experience) and World Lit (not as much experience, but we'll make it!). I also have two 103s, and those I can do in my sleep at this point. I start back at the same day my kids do. It's been a great summer, but we can sure use that pay....

Otherwise, hopefully Grant will actually COME UP HERE for once. He has never seen our humble abode. We've always gone down to see him, and he's treated us royally to encourage that. But he's now made noises that he might visit us here...wow! I can't give him even a tenth of the excitement of Atlanta, but it'd be great to have him here anyway. He's become one of my closest friends, and I met him over the net. Alex loves him too. So, whenever anybody makes fun of you for making friends through a computer, remember this: it's how I met my husband, and it's how I met Grant. I also have a dozen other friends I met here...plus many from my so-called real life. I truly don't think one medium is superior from another. Friends are friends, and it's so very lucky and fantastic to get another one no matter when and where!

Hope y'all are doing great too!