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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I never saw the point of the texting function on a phone. But, see, I hate the phone so very much...it wasn't hard for my daughter to get me to see the wisdom of being able to type out a quick message instead of call. It's like instant email! Anywhere! All the time! So, now we dish out extra money for a family unlimited texting plan.

I will admit that it's a lot of fun. And it somehow pleases me that my daughter loves to message me no matter where I am. My daughter is in middle school, and she still loves her mother! YUSSS!

This is an example of a typical exchange:

Kira: Before I forget, Jared and I have a dentist's apointment at 3p tomorrow. We might not be home when you get here.

Ari: Will you leave the key under the mat?

K: No. You will have to access your D&D rogue's skill and pick the lock. Don't forget your thieves' tools.

A: Ok.

K: or there could be a key. Dunno. It'll be a surprise!

K: (Ari sends me a "vote for chic fil a cows" picture) Vote for them for what?

A: Vote them for presidential candidates!!!!

K:Why not meeeeee? I am clearly more awesome.

A: Because I don't want you to be shot and you have no political experience.

K: ...it seems to me that having political experience does not make a candidate more competent. And the cows don't have political experience, either. But I can go for not being shot.

A: Yeah, there are always more cows that can run chic fil a, so if they get shot it doesn't matter.

K: Exactly. Plus, we can at least eat the cows! :)

A: I love you mom!!!

K: You love me...when I make you beef, not turkey tacos :) (SIDE NOTE: this is a reference to my mom making her turkey tacos instead of beef while we were in Mexico. She was not happy with that artistic choice)

A: Yes definitely!!! But I also love you when you give me cookies.

So, this is what I can now do with my daughter even when she's at a friend's house or riding home on the bus. We amuse each other. And I will have you note that she uses proper grammar and spelling whenever she texts. I have taught her well. Haha!

Yeah, I guess this unlimited texting thing is ok in my book.