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Monday, July 28, 2008

Life as We Know It

Well, the summertime is not so hard in the missing Alex department. The kids and I drive up on Monday and drive home on Friday, with Alex following a few hours later when he gets off work. Then we spend the weekend together; Alex drives home late Sunday night, and we see him again on Monday. When that changes, we'll be very sad. But so far, it's been fine.

Alex has just a one bedroom apartment in Rock Hill. It's cute but small. To me, all of us living there during the week is a valuable lesson. That is, we're FINE in that tight of a space. My American sensibilities of wanting our usual three bedroom, two bath apartment don't even surface. The kids get the bedroom; we get the pullout sofa bed in the living room. In the morning, we put up the bed so we have a living room again. There's never a sense of being in a cramped space or feeling deprived. Why would I feel deprived? We get to go out during the day and do fun stuff. We gather together at night and have dinner, then do things as a family. Nobody seems to get on anybody's nerves. Sure, I want a nice house one day. I really do. We went looking at houses just in case it can work out in two years to get one. But I have come to realize that big living space is overrated. First of all, I have to clean it. Second of all, I have to pay for it. And third of all, our money can be better spent elsewhere...like on good food, a new car for Alex, a baby, or a few bottles of fun wine. A house has shifted to the lowest priority possible. I just want everybody to remain healthy and happy. THAT is success.

Meanwhile, Alex frets about being able to spoil me like he always does. That's a man with his priorities straight! Haha! Every time I hear other women talk about their exes or even their current sig others, I realize I'm the luckiest woman on earth. He's so selfless. The kids and I come first. He doesn't even know other women exist. Life for him revolves around spending time with us. Right when he gets home from work, Alex will sit down and teach the kids a little French every night, then play games with them while I cook dinner. We eat dinner together, and then we all do something like watch a movie or go swimming. When the kids get tucked into bed, we often sit on the porch with a glass of wine and just talk. Then he gives me a bubble bath and massages me and tucks us into bed. Yup, every night--and no, I've never taken it for granted. Now that we have more money coming into the house, he's stepped up the frequency of when I get flowers, too. To me, it's unreal how he can go to work every day and come home with a laugh and a smile, working hard once he's back to make sure the rest of us feel loved too. He's the best natured man in the world--it's impossible to be a pessimist around him. I love that.

Yes, our money woes are far from over. There's too much coming up that will require funds. But we can pay our bills, and we can do fun activities. It's been great. We've seen a ton of movies in the theatre, gotten season passes to Carowinds, and enjoyed a few meals out. When Alex's tire blew, we could actually afford the $100 for a new tire. What a relief!

Now for the irony department report: Alex and I have his green card interview on September 2nd of this year, approximately one year and three months later than it should have been. He's just been using a work permit to work here so far. Why do I think it's ironic that it's Sept. 2nd? Well, first of all, that's our second wedding anniversary. Whatta way to spend the day! But secondly, if we've been married two years or more, he would get a more permanent green card. But we didn't apply for that type because we thought he'd get it way earlier. So, on the very day he's eligible for the permanent green card, they'll give him a temporary card...and we'll have to go through this all again in the near future. I have one word for that: AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!

But I'll try not to focus on that part. After all, life is good.


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