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Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Bullet List

Here we go!

1) Total Wine and More wants to hire me. I'm not joking. I went to a wine tasting more than a week ago, and one of the wine managers approached me. He said that since I knew basic French plus knew more about French wines than most people could ever know, they wanted to hire me to obtain back the business from Michelin they once had. WOW. We chatted for a while, and I realized...this is awesome. The wine geeks consider me an equal, even though I only know about French wines like a pro and NOT the rest of the world!!! WOOHOO! He offered me a part time job, but I seriously do not have the time for it right now. Maybe next spring. I dunno. A 30% discount is too tempting...

2) My kitten, Firepaw Mercutio, is in the hall of fame for cuteness. I leave for work, he hides under the bed; I return from work, he comes out and stays between my legs when I walk or lies next to me while I read and/or type. I haven't had my own cat in years. Ariana, when she was born almost ten years ago, stole Chian from me (my 15 yr old). I have no other pets save for a fish. There's something amazing about being worshipped. It makes me feel good.

3) Speaking of being worshipped...I came home from yet another day of a crappy day of work this week, and what happened? Alex used the $20 I gave him to spend ON HIMSELF for something HE WANTED (look, money is tight and we both have very little personal money to spend right now) and bought me a hand-picked box of Godiva chocolates. The box had all my favorite flavors in it...I mean all! Geesh. How does he keep track of this? And I don't understand him at this point. After having a student cry in my office for two hours over her jackass hubby--a man she once claimed to me was her prize for having suffered through her first husband--I realize totally what a freak my hubby is. And I'm ok with that. Alex is not what women expect out of men, and I get to keep him. I get constant backrubs, bubble baths, help with kids, housework, nightly massages, and a smiling face no matter what. No, it doesn't go away. Yes, I'm the luckiest girl in the universe.

4) Ariana is now on book number five of Harry Potter, and I'm flabbergasted at how fast the non-reader has absorbed these books. I guess I'll have to think of her as a reader from now on out.

5) Jared likes to hurl himself at me whenever he sees Alex kiss me. And stand in between us, too. Somebody loves momma!

6) I realize that as time goes on, I'm a better person because the man I'm with MAKES me a better person. Thank you, Alex my love.

7) Did I tell y'all that Alex has to go to FREAKING LONDON for his interview for his green card? Yup. Immigration made a series of mistakes, and that's where we're at. However, we're lucky enough that once he goes to London (thank you mom and dad for buying us his ticket!), he should have his green card after the interview. Then he can work. And then we won't be conserving every penny to the point of pain.

8) Yes, we're visiting Grant again next weekend. Look, he spoils me rotten when we go and I feel refreshed when we return. As long as he wants us there, I'm going to give him my next available weekend. Period. The man is terrific, and those of you who did not pick that up...well, I feel sorry for you :)

9) I have too much to grade and/or review by Monday.

10) ...but then Monday onwards for another week or so, I have it easy. Yay!

11) French is still going well, but I can't figure out why the interrogatives are so rough for me to hear and understand

12) I have awesome family, awesome friends, awesome pets, and I can pay my bills. My life is amazing. Thanks, you guys!