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Friday, April 11, 2008

So it seems....

...that I likely have a second job. We are short on money because Alex hasn't been able to pin down a job in the last month and a half (although he has a few good leads), and I have a talent that will get me some fun, easy part time work.

What is it, you ask?

My love of wine.

Yes, tomorrow I go in to fill out paperwork to work part-time at a local wine store because damn me for being so awesome, I impressed them with my wine knowledge and my passion for the subject. I was actually told point blank, though, that my wine knowledge was great, but it was actually my charisma that makes them want to hire me. The goal is that one day I'll teach the wine classes there, too. Yay!

Me? Charismatic? I guess all those years of teaching has paid off!

Anyway, we'll see how it works out, but it appears that my life has become more full. I should start sometime after final exams. That should make for an easy adjustment: first over the summer, when during the week I'm mommy at home with the kids, and then adding on school next fall as a teacher. Sure, if I get four more lit classes next fall, I'll be screwed for the workload, but I think I can do it. I just might not be able to do French too.

I'm really excited! I'm especially excited by the prospect of 30% off :) Woohoo!